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Love in The Time of Jonestown - a Radio Play


Production Team
Writer -- Omer Abbas Salem
Director -- Sophiyaa Nayar
Sound Design & Music -- Eric Backus

Associate Director -- Nadya Nauman

Dramaturg - Catherine Miller

Stage Manager -- Devonte E. Washington


We want you to be safe - to feel supported. We want to create space for everything about you because we love you exactly as you are. We want to break oppressive systems and rebuild a world that not only accommodates all of us, but celebrates and fosters our beautiful individuality. All we ask is that you come with an open mind, an open heart, and a willingness to dialogue. Welcome to Jonestown, we hope you'll stay.

Radio play is available upon request. 

The way each episode ebbs and flows in narrative weight highlights Salem’s gift for storytelling, as well as Nayar’s ability to conduct the momentum of Salem’s script with a deft hand.  - Ada Alozie, Rescripted 

"Uncannily contemporary—which is exactly how historical fiction should feel." -- KT Hawbaker, Chicago Reader

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