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Love in The Time of Jonestown - a Radio Play


Production Team
Writer -- Omer Abbas Salem
Director -- Sophiyaa Nayar
Sound Design & Music -- Eric Backus

Associate Director -- Nadya Nauman

Dramaturg - Catherine Miller

Stage Manager -- Devonte E. Washington


We want you to be safe - to feel supported. We want to create space for everything about you because we love you exactly as you are. We want to break oppressive systems and rebuild a world that not only accommodates all of us, but celebrates and fosters our beautiful individuality. All we ask is that you come with an open mind, an open heart, and a willingness to dialogue. Welcome to Jonestown, we hope you'll stay.

Excerpt below. Full radio play is available upon request. 

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The way each episode ebbs and flows in narrative weight highlights Salem’s gift for storytelling, as well as Nayar’s ability to conduct the momentum of Salem’s script with a deft hand.  - Ada Alozie, Rescripted 

"Uncannily contemporary—which is exactly how historical fiction should feel." -- KT Hawbaker, Chicago Reader

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