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Director (Selected)

Red Theatre                                             Dream Hou$e by Eliana Pipes                                                 Chicago, February 2021

Babes with Blades                                      Plaid as Hell by Cat McKay                                                   Chicago, August 2020


Barrens Theatre Co.                                   Cold Sweat (Immersive Theatre Festival)                                   Chicago, August 2020


Writers Theatre                                         MLK Projectby Yolanda Vasquez                                              Chicago, Jan-Feb 2020


Steppenwolf (LookOut), Second City            Big Little Eyes (written/devised by ensemble)                             Chicago, September 2019


Theatre on The Lake                                   2020: A Going Away Party Play by Keyanna Khatiblou*            Chicago, July 2019



Steep Theatre (The Boxcar)                          Matt & Benby Mindy Kaling & Brenda Withers*                        Chicago, July 2019


Barrens Theatre Co.                                   Passageby Lauren Ramos                                                        Chicago, May 2019            


Definition Theatre                                      EthiopianAmerica by Sam Kebede                                           Chicago, May-June 2019.  

                                                              (BTA Award for Best Play, Featured Actor, Actress & Jeff rec.) 

Jackalope Theatre (The Frontier)                  Reverse Cowboyby Jared Sprowls*                                         Chicago, May 2019


Barrens Theatre Co.                                   Out of Time  (Devised Immersive Project)                                  Chicago, Feb 2019


American Players Theatre                           Emilie by Lauren Gunderson*                                                 Spring Green, Feb 2019


Lifeline Theatre                                          Stir Friday Night (Storytelling Festival)                                      Chicago, Jan 2019


American Players Theatre                           Selected portions of The Oresteia                                           Spring Green, July 2019       


Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, Rep Lab         Missed Connection(Devised)                                                   Milwaukee, Feb 2019


Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, Rep Lab           Rinse, Repeat  (Devised)                                                       Milwaukee, Feb 2019


Grinnell College                                          Elephant’s Graveyard  by George Brant                                  Grinnell, Jan-April 2017


Grinnell College                                          Lord of The Flies, Stage Adaptation by Nigel Williams              Grinnell, Jan-April 2016


London Dramatic Academy                          Reparations(Selected for 2015 Academy Showcase)                   London, Aug-Dec 2015       


CORE Studios                                             Where I Come From (Devised)                                                   Atlanta, May-Aug 2015

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