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When a conflict-averse middle school teacher is haunted by violent, Bollywood-esque nightmares, she is forced to grapple with her past, bringing her face-to-face with the darkness she buried long ago.

Second Round -- Sundance Development Track 2022

Semi-Finalist -- 1487 Screenwriters Lab 

UCLA Extension Advanced Workshop with John Henry

Sundance Collab Re-writing workshop with Jessica Sharzer

Performance Activa -- Infomercial 

Do you feel like your white guilt is getting in the way of your activism? Did you accidentally ask your Indian co-worker if they rode elephants to school? Call Performance Activa! A call center to expel all you of all your guilt. Just give us a call, choose your local POC and we'll get you set up for your guilt free weekend! Terms and conditions apply. 


A series of short films about the extremes we all go to for external validation.

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